Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


29i Technologies: Powering Your Digital Marketing & Maximise ROI

Digital marketing means advertising business services and products by using various digital channels like social media, e-mails, search engines, SEO and PPC, etc. At present, most of the customers spend their time on the internet, so, to successfully attract them towards your business, effective digital marketing is most essential.

We at 29i Technologies offer you vast options of digital marketing channels and involve you to select the right one that boosts your digital dreams. And whatever are your targets, we will come up with the creative ideas that surely convert shares and likes into measurable sales. Our professionals are specialized in Messenger marketing, Facebook marketing, E-mails, Google Ads, and SEO (search engine optimisation).

We at 29i Technologies will always make sure that you stay well ranked in the digital market. The social-focused creative team of 29i Technologies knows exactly how to design your business site with fluid integration and navigation. The standout content and influential digital advertising campaigns will surely cater to the visual interest of consumers at first sight.

  • The digital marketing services of 29i Technologies will help your company to gain the pulsating online presence.
  • Our social media marketing service will actively attract the online consumer, engage them as a visitor and at last convert them as your loyal customers.
  • By analyzing the gravity of high SERP (search engine result page), we allot our SEO professional to ensure the topmost ranking of your business webpage on the online platform.
  • Our PPC (pay per click) service will enable your business to attain its desired goals.