Mobile App

Mobile App


iOS and Android are the two major operating systems in the mobiles worldwide. Android is the first and iOS being the second largest worldwide There is something then just designing a mobile application.

Is the application compatible with the platform it is designed for?
Isn’t is taking too much time to run?

These things can affect the progress of your application. Our insightful team vow you the best applications whether over showing the skills that they possess. Taking you through the basics of Android and iOS development.

Android Development

C++, Kotlin and Java are needed to work on developing an application on Android. Android development is in the boom as it is the most used operating system these days. If you want to frame any application for android never hesitate to come to us. 29i Technologies has protruded the sphere delivering you the services of android.

iOS Development

iOS is the operating system largely used in mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is very familiar as people are very particular about data security and is the safest platform till date. We provide you with full assistance from delivery to development. Our developers have skills in developing applications that are compatible with the iPhone and all the devices running under IOS.